A Scalable wAter Prognosis for RURAL areas

ASAP is a novel software solution that enables eco-hydrological forecasts for any location in the world through a web-based service. The system is a tool for early warnings and decision support to alleviate impacts of floods, drought and water pollution.

  • Hydrological forecasting made easy and affordable
  • Unique early warning and planning system
  • Simulate runoff, soil water content, pollutant transport and more during a 16-day forecast
  • A plug-and-play web-based solution
  • No need for software installation or software-technical expertise.

The core concept of ASAP Rural is to automate all steps required for an operational eco-hydrological forecast for any location in the world. The software workflow is designed around the widely applied and well documented SWAT model (Soil and Water Assessment Tool,, and the globally available GFS 16-day forecast data (Global Forecast system). Adaptation to other forecast data sources can also be made upon request.

As a user of ASAP, you do not need to install any software, or make any customizations – you simply login to get access to your forecast area, which updates automatically, and you have the option to interact with the forecasts, e.g. for setting custom warning levels for stream discharge levels, soil water content etc. You can either provide an already existing SWAT case, which can readily be plugged into ASAP, or you can also ask our experts to set up a SWAT model for your chosen area.

Once a model is plugged into the ASAP Rural system, the following workflow can be completed:

  • Scan SWAT application and its weather station information.
  • Download and format local GFS weather forecast data.
  • Incorporate forecast data into SWAT weather inputs.
  • Execute forecast run and send key results to web front-end.
  • Allow user-interactions through web front-end (e.g. custom warning levels for local stream discharge, soil water content etc.).

With ASAP Rural you can:

  • get important information about your water resources in real-time and for the coming days

  • improve your decision making to safegaurd your water resource, mitigate impacts of flooding and prevent damage to key assets

  • increase staff and public safety and awareness

  • use our phone app to reach your own end-users and enrich them with information about water, risks and activities in key recreational areas